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Aalestrup - The city of bicycles

Aalestrup - Himmerlands Cykelby

Aalestrup - the city of bicycles? Why not?

After all, you will find a lovely museum about bicycles - in fact, it is the only museum in the world, which is focusing on the technical development of bicycles over time. So, if you want to show your grandchildren how a penny-farthing looks like – maybe like the one that their great-grandfather once had? - then you must visit Aalestrup.

When you have seen the bicycles, you must visit Den Jydske Rosenpark - here you will find lots of good places for eating your lunch pack, and at the end of the park you will find Simested Å - so remember your fishing rod.

Welcome to the city of bicycles, Aalestrup. Here, you will be welcomed - whether you are arriving on your bicycle or not… ;)

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Experiences in Aalestrup

Aalestrup has a lot of cozy places to offer, which is idle for a short trip or a lovely stay.

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Nature experiences near Aalestrup

Aalestrup is located in a beautiful spot in the middle of Himmerland. There is not far to the fjord, forest, or other nature experiences that you need to experience.

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