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Cykelferie i Himmerland

Biking routes in Himmerland

Himmerlandevej - cykelferie

Experience Himmerland on the bike - that way, you can experience it all…

And even though you will not experience breathtaking mountain ranges like in Southern Europe - it is actually pretty great here as well.

In Himmerland, you can experience the Limfjord, Mariager Fjord, Kattegat, and experiences in between. So, even though you will not pass the Arc of Triumph or come across Champs-Élysées, you will instead experience paving stones, hilly landscapes, and twisted paths.

In Himmerland, you will also find flat routes, where you will have a following wind at the bicycle path, good bicycle paths without traffic, and routes that are having impressive views of the Limfjord and great experiences in the nature of Himmerland.

So, get on the bike and grab along your whole family - you will have lots of idyllic experiences along the country roads of Himmerland.


Tapet afstandsstykker - Destination Himmerlands stregtegninger

The best by bike in Himmerland

MTB - Destination Himmerlands stregtegninger

Tapet afstandsstykker - Destination Himmerlands stregtegninger


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