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1.000 Meter Footpath, Farsø

The 1.000 Meter Footpath in Farsø Fælled is a path, that is exactly 1 km long. The trail is a part of Farsø Fælled and is a popular activity area for the entire family. 

The path is a great place for running, biking, roller blading as well as for those who would just like to go for a walk in a lovely nature area. 

The path is paved and lightened up, so it is usable at night. 

The area surrounding the path is called Farsø Fælled and is kind of a park and an activity area. There are lots of activities for those who like being active on the vacation. You can run track and compete with your friends by using the large timing clock at the place, and then there is the large paved hill, which is extremely popular for both jogging, fitness and racing.  


The area is open all hours and is free of charge. 

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