Destination Himmerland

Farsø Town Hall Center

Farsø Town Hall Center is only one of the options if you are looking for a place to shop in Farsø. Also, the main street and the marketplace are offering a wide selection of stores, banks, and other companies.

But Farsø Town Hall Center is the biggest and only shopping center in the western part of Himmerland. The Town Hall Center has a wide selection of stores, nationwide chains, and 3 grocery stores.

At Farsø Town Hall Center you will find stores with offers both hardware, clothing for women, men, and children, shoes, jewelry, a post office, a hairdresser, wine, flowers, a book shop, and a kiosk. In the middle of the center, you will find toilets – which also includes a disabled toilet.  

Farsø Town Hall Center is in the center of Farsø and is surrounded by 300 free parking spaces. The Center is can also be visited by people in a wheelchair.

Please notice, that some of the grocery stores at the Town Hall Center have expanded opening hours.