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Fishingspot at Bramslev Bakker

A large protected area that is one of the most beautiful places around the fjord. On the top of the hills you will find a restaurant, with a panorama view of the fjord. In the summertime a lot of bathing tourists visit this area. For anglers, the area is attractive for trout fishing, because of the large areas of eelgrass, mussel beds, and the fresh-water from Valsgård Bæk stream to the west of Bramslev Bakker, one of the fjords spawning grounds. Here conservation policy should obviously be respected!. Parking at the top of the hills. For a symbolic fee you are allowed to drive all the way down to the fjord.


The accessibility of the fishing spot: *** 

***   Easy to access 

**     Manageable to access

*       Difficult to access 

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