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IntoBlue, boat trips all inclusive

At IntoBlue, we are creating boat rides and amazing memories at the Limfjord, Mariager Fjord, and the coasts nearby. We are using high-quality speed boats and fishing and diving platforms. Both fjords have an exciting life below the surface, which we will explore further on our trips, where we also like to taste some of the things that the fjord has to offer.

Trips with IntoBlue are not only for people who like waters. However, you should preferably not be afraid of getting wind and a bit of saltwater in your hair, as the boats are very fast. But even though the boats are fast, we will make sure that there is time for you to enjoy the beautiful landscape. Besides this, there will also be time to talk about the oysters, the sea trout, and the lobster’s origin – depending on which trip that you choose.

From September to April, you can choose an oyster trip with RIB boats. On these trips, you will learn how to find oysters, how to open them, and how to prepare them. In addition to this, you will get a glass of cava at a beautiful location. Click here, to find additional information about the oyster’s trips here.

All year-round, except for the protection period from July 1st to August 31st, there will be arranged lobster trips. Here, you will need your snorkel gear and your wetsuit to dive down and find the lobsters. Find more information about the lobster trips, here.

Both the Limfjord and Mariager Fjord are well known for fishing and sea trout. But it can be time-consuming to get around and some of the good spots can also be difficult to access by car. IntoBlue has a suitable boat with the electronics that you will need when fishing sea trout, which makes it an effective, fun, and different experience at the water. Find more information about the sea trout trips, here.

If none of the above-mentioned trips fit your needs, we can adjust them to fit your needs. We will make sure that there to provide delicious food and drinks during the trip.

The starting point for our trips is usually Løgstør, but we are very flexible and are happy to deviate from this if our guests have other needs or wishes.