Kayak and SUP in Øster Hurup

Going to the beach in the summer time is always nice - especially if the sun is shining and the temperature is right on point.

The shallow water at the beach in Øster Hurup is not only a great place to take af swim. It is also ideal for sailing in kayaks or trying to balance on a Stand Up Paddleboard.

During the summer the company Aalborg Outdoor will be at the beach renting out kayaks, SUP-boards and equipment.

Aalborg Outdoor will be present every tuesday and thursday in the weeks 27-31.

You'll find the rental-station on the road going down to the harbour - and it is possible to rent in the time between 10:30-14:00.  

The price for renting a SUP-board or a kayak is DKK 200,- pr. person for 1,5 hour. 


It is also possible to rent kayaks and SUP-boards at the Tourist Information Office in Øster Hurup. We are open almost every day during the summer (saturdays are closed) and we are located very close to the beach. See the prices below. 

The kayaks can be rented at the Tourist Information Office in opening hours - but the SUP-boards are located outside at the self-service station. On Aalborg Outdoors website you can see how to rent the SUP-boards at the self service station. 


DKK 125.- per hour. (Security deposit: DKK 250.-)

DKK 300.- per day. (Security deposit: DKK 600.-)

DKK 1250.- per week. (Security deposit: DKK 1000.-)


Find the opening hours here!