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Political Festival of Europe 2024

During the last weekend of May 2024, Mariager is going to be the center of political discussions, speeches and debates - as well as cultural events, live music, fun activities and much much more. 

Political Festival of Europe is the first of its kind in Denmark, and in 2022 the festival were held for the very first time. 

Look forward to a political festival that brings people together - people with an interest in democracy across political views and positions. The festival aims to strengthen democratic participation and dialogue and will take form of informal discussions and speeches across opinions and hierarchy that strengthens active involvement of all participants – everyone has a say, everyone is heard. 

The festival will take place in all of Mariager. Across the town from the harbour to the town square there will be tents and food stands, scenes for discussion, speeches and music from wll-known as well as unknoewn artists. 

The festival is going to be an annual event in Mariager where both politiciants and the people will be heard. 

For further information about Political Festival of Europe - click here. 



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