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Primi Deluxe – different nature offers from the Nature Expedition

Today people want to have it all – they both want to be primitive, luxurious, sporty, and relaxed. They want fun activities and overnight stays which is primitive, and where the food is being made on a bonfire, while the ingredients are found in nature.

But at the same time, people also want to experience luxury, where they are staying in a real bed and are eating a delicious meal.

In connection to this, the Nature Expedition has tried to combine these two things and made offers where you can rent everything you will need if you want to staying outside in nature or wants to have more luxury.

In Vesthimmerland, it is a corporation between Livø Feriecenter, Ertebølle Stenaldercenter and Herregården Hessel, which have formed the Primi-Deluxe offers you can choose from.

At all 3 places, it is possible to rent a trolley with gear to prepare your food by a bonfire. The trolley costs 250, - DKK pr. Day. When you are returning the trolley you will receive 100, - DKK. All the gear must be clean when returning the trolley.


Ertebølle Stenaldercenter: tlf. + 45 61 42 50 80

Herregården Hessel: tlf. + 45 98 63 81 25

Livø Feriecenter: tlf. + 45 40 61 71 10


The trolley contains:

20 sporks (a knife, fork and spoon combined)

20 flat plates made in plastic

20 muggs at 0,3 liters

2 ladles

1 tripod for pots and pans

1 pot at 6 liters + 1 lid

1 pan at 35 centimeters

1 axe

1 foldable pruning saw

3 pans for making pancakes

A backpack with a Trangia and an Omnia oven + a cookbook


It is also possible to rent a backpack with a Trangia, an Omnia oven, and a cookbook.

The Primi-Deluxe offers is a part of the Nature Expedition in Vesthimmerland municipality.

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