Route 180

Route 180 – a ton of experiences!

If you drive through Himmerland, you should try driving the old main road – 180, instead of the boring high way.

Route 180 offers nature- and cultural experiences and comes along many of the both big and small attractions in the area and many different places to enjoy a good meal.

The route gives you the opportunity to drive through the beautiful forest of Rold, an experience with nature up close!

The Nature by Mariager Fjord

The Mariagerfjord area has many things to offer whether you wish to experience culture, history or just enjoy the magical nature.

The 180 Route goes through Hobro, where you can experience many different things. A possibility could be the Viking Center Fyrkat and the Viking Fortress.

By the harbor you can find three different small museums with the maritime as the focus point. Here you can also find the GASmuseum.

If you want to experience the nature around Mariager Fjord, Denmarks most beautiful Fjord, Hobro is the ideal place. One of the ways to experience the lovely nature is by the PANORAMA-trail, which is the first certificated hiking trail in Denmark.