Shelters Myrhøj-, Uhrehøj Plantage

Myrhøj and Uhrehøj Plantations
A  serene spot in an area with several hiking trails. Please see the folder for Myrhøj and Uhrehøj Plantations. Grocery shopping is 3 km away. 
The four shelters are located in a sheltered area of the large plantation. 
You pump your own clean and cold drinking water with an old-fashioned pump. The toilet is a MULT toilet in order to protect the surrounding nature. 
There are four marked hiking trails that criss-cross the forest. Fallow deer, foxes and badgers potter around on the forest floor while the Night-raven and many other smaller birds hang out in the top of the trees. 
Cycling route no. 118 passes right by.
Shelter spots: Three
Toilet: Yes
Bar-b-que sites: Yes
Water: Yes
Access from the water: No
Can dogs on a leach be brought along: Yes
Can you bring horses: No
Possible to shower: No


Strollers: No
Wheelchairs: No
Wheelchair with assistant: No
People with walking disabilities: No
People with lowered sight: No
Toilet for the disabled: No