Destination Himmerland

Sheltersite at Ørnedalsbugten, Hobro

Nature Camp at Ørnedalsbugten close to Hobro

- a cheap accomodation alternative!

The camp is located in the forest of Østerskoven, on the southern shore of Mariager Fjord approx. 3 km. from Hobro.

The camp has two shelters and a tent site. There are access to toilet- and shower facilities from Søndre Kajgade 4, Hobro.

The camp is reachable by car but parking at the camp is prohibited.

How to get here:

The camp is situated at the "route 32" bicycle path. If You start from Hobro Harbour, simply follow the southern shore eastward approx. 2,5 km.


Gitte Nielsen from Mariagerfjord Kommune (The local town administration) can be contacted on Tel. +45 9711 3643