Snapseriet - An aquavit distillery

Snapseriet Løgstør is a unique setting for an authentic and place-based tale about food, aquavit and cultural heritage. Snapseriet’s purpose is to create and produce a taste sensation for citizens and guests in collaboration with its sponsers.

The Limfjord Museum is, as a promoter for many initiatives in the so-called Mussel-Town Løgstør, also initiator and host for Snapseriet, which is located in the back building of the museum.

The thoughrs behind Snapseriet is founded on the unique habitat close by Frederik the VII’s Canal. When the canal was dug out in 1856-1961, they placed the soil, which was dug up, on embankments along the Limfjord. This meant that they turned the soil layers upside down and in that ay created another habitat than the already existing one by the Limfjord. It is this exceptional nature and history Snapseriet invites you to experience.

Therefore, the activities of Snapseriet consists only of trips of gathering in the nature by Frederik the VII’s Canal and the Limfjord, sailing on the canal including gathering ingredients and tales, brewing, taste development and presentations at events. Here, you get close to the history, the nature and the culture by Frederik the VII’s Canal at the same time as you get an introduction to the production of aquavits.

All herbs and berries are gathered along the canal. Afterwards, it is let to infuse in a basis aquavit from Aalborg. Furthermore, seaweed and shellfish are planned to be included in the aquavit production.

During the summer you can join different tours with Snapseriet – all along with the ambassador and biologists of Snapseriet.