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Hvalpsund Lystbådehavn
Hvalpsund Færgekro_hygge_udsigt

Hvalpsund - a maritime paradise

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Hvalpsund is a city, which attracts lots of people in the summer because of the maritime atmosphere, the lovely beach and the thrilling experiences along the fjord. Even though it is not the French Riviera, you will still get a bit of a feeling of being in Southern France, when visiting Himmerland in the summer.

So, whether you are arriving at Hvalpsund by car, foot, or on your bicycle, the city and its surroundings are definitely worth a visit.

Here, there is room for relaxation, peace, and self-indulgence.

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Experiences in Hvalpsund

Hvalpsund is offering lots of maritime experiences, exciting activities, and lots of impressive nature, which is inviting you to go for a walk or to have a picnic in the open air.


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Nature experiences near Hvalpsund

Hvalpsund is beautifully located at the top of the peninsula, Louns with access to three different fjords. An obvious place to visit for nature experiences.

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