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SUP - stand up paddel på fjorden
Kajak på Mariager Fjord

Fun at sea in Himmerland

Photo:Destination Himmerland&Destination Himmerland
Kayaking, canoeing, and sailing

Himmerland is almost surrounded by water all the way around - almost… And with all the water around us and with the different types of coast and terrain, we can offer lots of different kinds of water sport. Whether if you are into kayaking, canoeing down a small river, a windy coast for windsurfing and kitesurfing - you will find it all in Himmerland.

Mariager Fjord is the perfect place for kayaking and SUP, as the water is calm at the east coast - opposite to the west coast of Himmerland along the Limfjord, where you will find the perfect spots for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and wake surfing - especially in the area around Trend.

Kajak - Destination Himmerlands stregtegninger

Activity holiday on the water...

... the Limfjord, Mariager Fjord, and the East coast og Himmerland

Tapet afstandsstykker - Destination Himmerlands stregtegninger

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